Wiretree Explain 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Every Business

With the advancement in the modern technologies, a single business owner is doing everything to keep his business on the top of the Google results. From the purpose of attracting the high traffic to convert them to sales, a digital arena plays a great role. There is a large number of digital marketing tools and techniques that offer business owners to defeat the high competition and enhance the business growth.

Here are the few reasons that tell that why digital marketing is so important for the business growth:

1. Higher The Conversion Rate

With the help of digital marketing, one can measure the success of his online business and marketing products and services. This is also helpful in improving the conversion rates for your business.

2. Cost Effective

Digital marketing is the cost-effective marketing channel that helps the businesses to reach the customers within the budget limit.

3. Builds Strong Brand Reputation

Besides every brand reputation, your targeted audience plays a great role. Digital marketing services in Toronto helps you in developing a better relationship with your targeted audiences. This also opens the new doors of opportunities for attaining high business growth.

4. Keeps Ahead Of Your Competitors

With a huge competition, it’s difficult for small business to get ahead of challengers. With the use of digital marketing, you can easily monitor the marketing strategies and products that could improve your business.

5. Generates Better Revenues

Higher conversion rates are helpful for the business to experience higher revenues. This allows the small and medium businesses to expand their services locally as well as globally.

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Eight Impressive Mobile Web Design Tips For Web Designers

There are a million people who used smart phone to access internet. There is an explosive growth of mobile users. The chances of higher ranking, of your website are more, if your business website is mobile friendly. WireTree Mobile Web development company in Toronto provides you some beneficial and profitable Mobile Web design tips which are as below.


1. Make Your Website Simple: Simplicity is an important factor to make mobile friendly website. When a mobile friendly website is overloaded and heavy, it means your website can’t operate on mobile phone easily. Even that overloaded data or content is also not good for desktop website. So, just use informative and appropriate information.

2. Keep Content Short And Readable: Do not add extra things or too much text into mobile sites. Too much content or text make problem while user access website on his mobile phone. Maybe it can take much time to operate. Try to write your story in fewer words. If you add sign up page on mobile website, just add two important things, email and password. Too many videos and images can hang the website.

3. Avoid Using Flash: Maximum mobile phone device do not support adobe flash player. So, make sure you don’t add flash based any text or video in mobile friendly website.

4. Keep Loading Speed Fast: It is not necessary that a user always uses Wi-Fi to access Internet on their mobile phone. Heavy videos can not be downloaded easily and maybe it makes your website clunky and too slow. In short, don’t put heavy videos in mobile site.

5. Right Font Size And Button Size: Font size and button size both are different for desktop website and mobile website. These both are most important for your website whether it is operated on desktop or mobile. But remember, for mobile friendly website do not use too large and too small font size which can not be readable. For mobile website the font size should be minimum 14px.

6. High Resolution Images: High resolution play an important role on your website. It is important for mobile responsive website. Blurry images can make your mobile website clunky.

7. Use You Tube: If you have videos related to your business and you want to upload these videos on mobile website. You Tube is the best solution to view these videos. Because all mobile phones are already You Tube responsive. Your video can play on it very well. Add You Tube feature in your mobile site.

8. Testing: After completing your mobile friendly website, never forget to test your mobile website. Test your website multiple times on one device. After that test it on different mobile devices including iPhone, Android, Window and other tablets.

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Psychology is the Secret to Great SEO Results

SEO is a complex thing. Many newbies in the world of Internet marketing Toronto assume that as long as they follow the guidelines set by search engines, they are on the right track. False! Why? If nobody is buying the products or services from your website, what’s the point of SEO?

That is why you need to mesh human psychology with SEO. Sure you must optimize your HTML, URLs, meta details and page attributes but will they give you an upper edge over your competitors in the long run? No.

How is Psychology related to SEO?

Search engines have SEO rules set in place because they want their users to find the information they are looking for. Marketers on the other hand follow these SEO techniques because they want their target audience to visit their website. One big mistake that marketers make here is – while following the SEO techniques, they often forget to keep their target audience in front of their minds. They blindly set up their website according to SEO guidelines without worrying what their target audience thinks. In fact, search engines themselves highlight the importance of keeping your target audience in mind when creating your website. Psychology relates to SEO if you keep the end user in mind.

So how to apply Psychology in SEO?

Generate Keywords that Link to Your Target Audience

Keywords are the backbone of search engine optimization. Most internet marketing Toronto companies rely on internet marketing tools to find out the keywords. That is good because it is important to know the keywords that are ranking high in SERP. But can your target audience relate to these keywords? Or are there other keywords that can help you reach your target audience?

You can never find the answers to these questions if you never find your target audience. Understand the psychology of your potential customers to increase traffic on your website.

Have You Designed Your Website with Graphics Keeping Your Target Audience in Mind?

Women like soft colors, such as lavender. Men on the other hand like more basic colors, such as black or blue. Suppose you are selling a product that is targeted towards men only. Is it practical to design your website in colors such as pink and turquoise?

Communicate with Your Audience. Let them Know You Care!

Nobody appreciates a website that seems to be selfish in its interest. Also, nearly all of us slam doors on faces of crude salesmen. Same goes for a website. Don’t always try to sell your product or service. Give your audience something valuable. Avoid 24/7 sales pitch.

To conclude, keep these factors in mind and you will see a dramatic change in your website traffic. And, if you are still finding it hard to understand the psychology of your target audience, contact WireTree. Our Toronto SEO company designs tactics keeping the end user in mind. Let’s chat more about this over phone. Call us now for a FREE consultation or know SEO pricing.

Common SEO Problems that Every Webmaster Should Avoid

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It is quite often that you see some common mistakes made by webmasters in the SEO world. There are a number of people and their sites facing the same issue in their ongoing search engine optimization efforts. Here is some helpful information ready to help you with the issues that bug most webmasters.

  • Hreflang: If your website uses a segment content for worldwide audiences then make sure you use the right two-character ISO language and country codes. This is because most of the folks try to use only one code with the intention of specifying a country. So, it is essential to specify at least one language for each country to help search engines better understand what audience or region your content is destined for.

  • Java script: Avoid using JavaScript for your global navigation template. If Google can’t read anything, then search engines also can’t see your JavaScript links. Navigation links are vital part of SEO. So, it is important that they can be correctly arranged. Use CSS, HTML 5 plus Google’s text cache to see that your links appear or not.

  • Keyword density: Users today are searching more specific information by using various keywords. It is something that you should really think about. However, if a keyword appears only once in the content of the page how can that page really come into the top ranks? So, you should use proper keyword density for successful search results.

  • Page titles: Google changes page titles based on queries and longer based page titles. If you want to get long tail traffic, you must include the keyword at the front or nearer of the page title which is helpful to rank for a competitive keyword.

  • Conversion testing: Everyone is not in the same boat. But if you aren’t testing conversions, then you would not able to take full advantage of the organic traffic on your pages. So, it is required that you should constantly test both organic pages and PPC landing pages for conversion optimization.

  • Form based navigation and Search boxes: This is the only way to access a particular page of content. Search engines will not perform these actions and not even count those page elements as links. Make sure every piece of content on your website holds at least one internal link pointing to it. You should always avoid ‘Island pages’ because they do not perform well in search.

Keep these essential tips in your mind while building links. It would definitely make a huge difference in your brand’s online SEO performance. Good luck with your SEO efforts.

We provide services including search engine optimization to PPC campaign management to achieve long term business results. Contact our experts who are skilled in online marketing techniques that help take your business to a whole new level.

Essential tips in your mind while building links. It would definitely make a huge difference in your brand’s online SEO performance. Good luck with your SEO efforts.

We provide services including search engine optimization to PPC campaign management to achieve long term business results. Contact Search Engine Optimization SEO Company in Toronto who are skilled in online marketing techniques that help take your business to a whole new level.